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Advocacy Leads to Restoration of Water Supply at Local Clinic

Sianzyundu clinic in Binga district had been running with scarce water since 2019 due to low rainfall received. Additionally, the only reliable water source, a pipeline from the Zambezi River which supplied both the clinic and the community, developed a fault. Since 2020, water supply was very unstable until in August 2021 when water supply from the pipeline came to a complete stop. With no running water, patients and their relatives had to fetch water from alternative sources to provide the clinic for service provision.

This situation became a primary motivation for the trained SAM4SRHR mentees to engage the Health Clinic Committee (HCC) and management at Syanzundu clinic to push for the restoration of running water to the clinic. After a series of engagements by the mentees, the HCC worked with the clinic management and engaged the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) on the need to restore water supply. ZINWA then repaired the damaged pipeline and running water supply was restored to the clinic on 5 September 2022.

Water is an essential commodity for humans, animals, and plants. This is even more important in sexual and reproductive health services, especially maternity care. This makes it critical for every health center to have running water to ensure effective service delivery to patients.