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Construction completed on the mother’s shelter at Madzimoyo health facility in Chipata District, Zambia

Following advocacy by the PSA Alliance, the Chipata city council resumed the construction of a stalled mother’s shelter at Madzimoyo health facility in Chipata District of Eastern Province in Zambia in mid-2021 and the construction was completed in early 2022. The final step, connecting the centre to a running water supply, was completed in 2023. The video features some TV news coverage of the story.

Madzimoyo is a rural community where access to health care services is a challenge as health facilities are often difficult to get to, largely because of distance. For pregnant women in this area, long distances and transportation challenges hinder them from receiving the care they need at the time they need it most – at later stages of pregnancy, during childbirth and immediately after giving birth.

But the introduction of mothers’ shelter has enabled pregnant women who are about to give birth to be closer to health facilities. The shelter is situated within the premises of a health facility, making it easier for pregnant women to receive quality maternity care in a timely manner.

Finally, the initiative is really helping a lot of pregnant women to overcome challenges associated with distance and the shelter has been instrumental in reducing pregnancy-related complications, maternal and neonatal morbidity, and mortality rates as it helps bring pregnant women in rural and remote areas closer to quality health care delivery.

Between July to December 2020, the Network of Zambian People living with HIV/AIDS (NZP+ Chipata chapter) conducted a series of social accountability meetings, interface and advocacy activities targeting the health sectors with the emphasis of SRHR/HIV services physically and through radio programs in all languages using Radio Maria, Breeze FM and 3FM to build the capacity of target community to demand for social services from duty bearers in the district.

After building the capacity of the beneficiaries, they made a follow-up to local authority through NZP+ Chipata and AAZ Chipata hub by reporting on the challenges faced, such as pregnant women giving birth in the dark due to lack of electricity and increased maternal mortality due to lack of basic services in the community, as well as demands for action from government service providers.