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Women Farmers’ Agroecology Initiative Gains Government Support

A photo of a man and a woman talking outside

Susan Chilala of Women Enivrons Zambia with the Monze Chief and Assistant Secretary of the Southern Province during an exhibition and food fair

Women smallholder farmers in Hufwa ward in Monze district, Zambia, secured support from local government and chiefs to scale up their agroecology initiatives, as a result of mentoring by the PSA Alliance project.

Led by Women Environs Zambia, women farmers in Monze developed a multiplication mechanism to share indigenous seed, which is both climate resilient and easily accessible. The initiative was presented to government and chiefs during a community exhibition and seed fair on 11 July 2023 in Hufwa community, attended by 300 people (220f;80m), during which 200 people received seeds.

Government officials were impressed by the initiative and encouraged the farmers to apply for grants under the Constituency Development Fund to ensure they have resources to procure more indigenous seed and scale up sustainable agriculture practice for improved food security. Government officials also committed to creating a market for the farmers to sell their produce.